In July 2017, the city of Naples and the Sicilian island of Stromboli will host the seventh edition of Volcano Extravaganza, the festival of contemporary art presented by Fiorucci Art Trust which this year happens in partnership with The Vinyl Factory, London. An established presence and support for many years, for this chapter The Vinyl Factory will be sharing the helm and all ventures with the Trust. Moreover, Naples-based Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee – Museo MADRE, the institution for contemporary arts founded and participated by the Campania region, will join as the institutional partner.

Investigating the forces moving the body, corporeal tensions and fluidity Eddie Peake will lead the public through a 96 hours-long journey choreographed by Fiorucci Art Trust Director Milovan Farronato, pirouetting across the four elements from the crater of the Vesuvius to the murmurous slopes of Stromboli, fluidly navigating the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, chasing one performance after the other from a Neapolitan dawn till the dusk of the last day falls on the island. For his contribution, artistic leader Eddie Peake will re-enact old performances from his body of work together with a new choreography, To Corpse, which he will expand in five variations, teaming up with creative figures from the realm of sound and spoken words (electronic producer Actress; musician Gwilym Gold; interdisciplinary artist Evan Ifekoya with Victoria
Sin; and poet and writer Holly Pester); as well as with the natural sound of Stromboli.

Tackling on those ideas of spontaneity and release of tension present in Eddie Peake’s work, the title To Corpse is inspired by the British theatrical slang, where the term is used to describe a situation when performers unintentionally break their character by helplessly bursting into laughs. The title of the festival I Polpi reaffirms instead ideas of shape-shiftings, transformation and adaptation, exoticism and excitement: there where the highly intelligent, voluminous octopuses become sensuously flat, squeezing themselves to sneak everywhere, combining elegance and grotesque, primordial energies and evolutionary pulses. Similarly, the choreography developed by Peake envisions stages of alternated intensity, an ascendent climax is followed by an abstract pacification and then again, an explosive crescendo, precisely aiming to describe those moments of transcendence from one shape to the other.

While in the mainland, on Thursday 13th July the extravaganza caravane will be introduced with
Gli Animali, a new iteration of Eddie Peake’s 2012 Touch performance, a naked soccer match initially enacted by the artist as he was attending the Royal Academy and which was again presented
at Palais de Tokyo in 2015, with the title Duro. The following day, Friday 14th July, will see three variations of the new work To Corpse succeeding one another around as many symbolic locations of the city, before and after the sunset.

On Saturday 15th July, while crossing the sea on board of a SNAV ferry boat, a revival of Fox (2005) will take place. In the performance, conceived together with Sam Hacking while he was still a Slade student, Peake directs a male and a female character in the endeavour to exchange clothes without exposing any parts of their bodies. One wears ‘normal’ clothes whilst the other wears a fox costume, exchanging robes and roles in a metamorphic attempt to camouflage, fluidly confusing and somehow erasing their sexual identities. The island, in the meanwhile, will start preparing for the arriving guests, welcoming them on the pier with the last re-enactement: a piece from 2016, Megaphone Duet performed by Peake and Emma Fisher, which will be followed by the fourth variation of To Corpse at local club Megà, a historical spot for the Volcano Extravaganza happenings. A celebratory party will then run until organically dissolving into the
final variation of the work: pulsed by the music of London based DJ Jonjo Jury as well as legendary Balearic beat originator DJ Leo Mas.

The last iteration will be a natural jam session composed by the ambient sounds of the sea, the breeze and the audience: the noise organic to Stromboli will become the last collaborator. Following this ethos, the conclusion will last until the early hours of the morning, before the Sun reaches the Zenith and illuminates the black sands of Stromboli once again. As the moment to make farewells arrives, on Sunday 16th July, a site-specific wall painting intervention by Eddie Peake will be unveiled on the surfaces of the Fiorucci Art Trust venue, along the path leading to the vulcano, on those same walls which many times before, in the past, have been covered in coloured murales and written compositions by guest artists such as Enrico
David, Celia Hempton, Camille Henrot, Karl Holmqvist, Maria Loboda and Lucy McKenzie, among others.

Like every year, Giovanna Silva will graciously document the official and unofficial unfolding of the events. As contributions from the two Media Partners of Volcano Extravaganza 2017, regular dispatches will be streamed by Know Wave, while videos and online coverage will be broadcast by FACT.

In remembrance of the intense, intended ephemerality of the festival, in the late summer the Serpentine Galleries in association with the Fiorucci Art Trust and The Vinyl Factory will present a performance with Eddie Peake within the frame of the Serpentine Park Nights series. Eddie Peake will also release a vinyl EP on HYMN, the record label he founded with The Vinyl Factory, featuring the soundtracks of To Corpse.

The full schedule of the festival and a list of its locations will be disclosed in due time.

R contact for more information:
Matilde Cerruti Quara | Fiorucci Art Trust
+44 (0)20 7244 6358

Location: Naples and Stromboli